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The L1 is an ultra light high performance electric motorcycle designed to combine efficiently great acceleration, great range and low weight. The L1 provides a range of 90km and a top speed of 65km/h, or 45km/h in the street legal version, while weighing less than 30kgs. It is designed to offer the ultimate commute, fast and functional, through an exhilarating ride, akin to a glide.

Light and Compact through Advanced Engineering

The technology which powers the L1 was optimized to reach an ambitious balance between lightness and power. Aluminum alloys used in the aerospace industry and the latest battery, motor and control technologies were combined to obtain a vehicle weighing 30kgs and measuring 20cm at its body's widest. Experience control like never before. Glide through traffic like never before.

High Power State-of-the-art Drivetrain

The L1 takes advantage of recent developments in electric motor technology for higher efficiency, reliability, and power to weight ratio. Its brushless direct current motor acts directly on the rear wheel with only one moving component, drastically reducing friction and wear. The result is lower maintenance, lower weight and unequalled efficiency.

The L1's in-wheel brushless dc motor provides breath-taking acceleration through 3000W of power, the equivalent of 4hp or a 60-70cc fuel engine. The onboard computer constantly monitors the electrical state of the L1 and manages the motor's power output for the most pleasurable riding experience.

Advanced Monitoring and Control System

The L1's embedded computer controls its electrical system for an optimal driving experience. It also computes navigation data, such as the remaining range specific to the driver's style, which is displayed on the LCD Screen.

With the press of a button, it allows to switch between driving modes: economic for maximum range, casual for a comfortable but exciting glide or sport for true power.

The L1 starts as conveniently as a smartphone, freed from the constraints of a key. The commands allow to configure and use a variable length password which unlocks the vehicle.

Designed for the Driver

The L1 was designed for your eyes and body. It was drawn with aesthetics and biomechanics in mind. The positions of the footrests, the saddle, and the handles, which constitute the driver's main contact points with the L1, were carefully defined to lead to a perfectly optimized balance between comfort and control.

Portable Ultra High Density Battery

The battery is designed with ultra high capacity Lithium Ion cells which are not only very stable and safe but also incredibly energy dense.

Compact and weighing only 6kgs, the L1's battery can offer 50 to 60km of range in sport mode, over 70km in cruise mode and up to 90km in economy mode. For an average commute of 13km, this leads to, at worst, a charge every 5 days. Using our smart chargers, a full charge will only take 3 hours. Glide endlessly.

The L1's battery is fitted with a comfortable handle and is sufficiently light and compact to be easily carried by anyone. Drivers can take the L1 inside with them, or leave it outside and carry the battery at home or at work. Careful design produced an object that can seamlessly fit in any interior while rapidly charging.

30 kgs


65 km/h*




90 km**


0.2 € per full charge***

Sutainability & Efficiency

3 hrs


*The street legal version is capped at 45km/h.
**This value can increase or decrease depending on the drive mode, environmental conditions and driving style. Sport mode, aggressive driving and a cold environment will decrease the battery
***Based on average electricity prices in Europe.



Type of Vehicle: Electric Moped (L1E)

The Street-Legal L1 Requires License and Registration for Road Use

Anti-theft Motion Alarm

GPS Tracking

Aluminium Alloy Frame


Hydraulic Disk Brakes


3000W Brushless DC Motor
(4hp or 60-70cc fuel equivalent)

Low Maintenance

45 km/h (Street Legal L1)

65 km/h (Unlimited L1)


6kg Portable 1.4kWh High Density Lithium-Ion Battery

Up to 90km

3hrs Full Charge


Power Consumption and Range Monitoring LCD Display

Keyless Entry with Programmable Password

5V USB Port for Any Device

3 Driving Modes:

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