Ultra Light. Powerful. Great Range.

Furo X

First Carbon Folding eBike


Fully Integrated Carbon Mountain eBike

the First Full Carbon Electric Folding Bicycle

Foldable in seconds. 15kgs. We are taking cycling to its true potential. Reinvent your commute.

£2299 £1999



a High Performance Electric Scooter

600W of power. Top speed of 40km/h. More than 35km of range. Front and rear dual suspension. Experience a world class riding experience.

£999 £599

Until 08/04


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Fully Integrated Full Carbon Electric Mountain Bicycle

Powerful mid-motor. 18 Shimano gears. Great range. Light. The best ride out there.

£2699 £2199


A word from the founders
Albert Nassar & Eliott Wertheimer

The Furo X is very light and practical while delivering power, range and fun. It is the perfect commuter.
The SIERRA is a robust, high performance bike, built to the highest standard with a sleek design. It offers the greatest riding experience to anyone, on any terrain.
Our bikes were designed through world class engineering processes with no compromise on style.

We are taking biking to its true potential and creating a community of pioneers, welcome!

Why would people ride an eBike?

People generally cycle for three reasons: commuting, fitness and pure fun.
An electric bike effectively allows to enhance and merge each of these activities. You can go to work without breaking a sweat, completely avoiding traffic or the pain of crammed public transports. On high quality ebikes, such as ours, you can push down the assist from the motor to zero and literally ride your bike exactly like a normal bike. As the motor declutches from its internal gearings, no friction is added to the efforts you put in. This allows to get those cardio hours in for that healthy, beautiful body we’ve all been dreaming of. Finally, and that is something you really have to experience to understand, powered ebikes feel more like gliding than riding. It’s like being pushed around on a cloud putting in exactly the amount of effort you want to put in. That comfort and feeling is something we really worked on in our bikes, making sure they offer some of the best performance out there at a super competitive price.

What makes our ebikes special?

We take state-of-the-art japanese carbon fiber cloth and mould it into the frame of the FX and the SIERRA. This leads to electric bikes that are simultaneously some of the strongest and lightest out there. It also allows us to give them smooth, aesthetically pleasing shapes which perfectly encase their cables and electrical system. We use some of the best coomponents in the industry to assemble our bikes while making sure they stay priced remarkably competitively. Both the FX and SIERRA are equipped with Hydraulic Disk Brakes and pack a lot of range which perfectly disappear into their sleek bodies. In brief, they are truly great ebikes that will never disappoint you, no matter the way you wish to use them.

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