the First full carbon electric folding bicycle

The FX is an ultra light folding electric bicycle designed to offer power and range while remaining extremely practical, versatile and reliable. The FX can fold in three easy steps and a few seconds. It is the ultimate commuter with no compromise on style.


Electric folding bike FX


This includes:
FuroSystems FX 250W
Standard 2A Charger
8.7Ah Lithium-ion battery

Free 1 Year Warranty

Estimated Delivery: 05/2018

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the FX

The FX is the first full carbon fibre folding ebike. It exploits the wonderful properties of this high tech material to create an extremely lightweight and practical folding electric bike, with the most elegant design.

The FX's frame is engineered to be folded in seconds and easily transportable in both its folded and unfolded configurations. All its electronics are integrated within its frame so that riding the FX offers you comfort and fun with no compromise on style. Commute faster than ever before and take it anywhere with you, it is so light, you won't feel it's there.

The FX is a revolutionary, truly high end folding ebike, built to the greatest standard through modern technology. With such performance, build quality and aesthetics, it is currently the best and definitely the most price competitive folding ebike in the world.

If you have been thinking about getting an ebike to make your lifestyle healthier and your life easier, do not wait any longer, we made the FX for you!

Electric folding bike 3 steps
Electric folding bike folded

Foldable in Seconds

The FX's carbon frame folds in three simple and rapid steps. At 14kgs and an impressively compact size, the FX can fit in your trunk or your bags while not weighing more than a backpack, and that's fully equipped!

Powerful BAFANG Rear Hub Motor

The FX's high performance BAFANG 250W motor will allow you to ride through city streets or take on steep hills effortlessly. Feel as light as a feather and experience a ride akin to a glide.

Electric folding bike removable battery

State-of-the-art Removable Lithium-ion Battery

The FX is equipped with a removable Lithium-ion battery assembled with the best cells available on the market, the same ones as those you would find in a Tesla car for safety and optimal energy density. The standard 8.7Ah battery offers more than 45km of range at an average pace.

It is compact, light and locks perfectly and discreetly onto the bike. It also offers 5V USB charging for your phone or other devices you might carry with you!

Electric folding bike computer

Onboard Computer and Backlit LCD Display

The onboard computer allows you to monitor your current speed, battery capacity and distance travelled. You can choose between 5 pedal assist power modes: from full fitness to zero sweat as the motor fully powers your ride.

A walk assist mode pushes the bike at a constant 5-6km/h for an easy start or an easy walk!

Electric folding bike hydraulic disk brakes

Hydraulic Disk Brakes

Of course, we equipped the ultimate ebike with the ultimate stopping system. Hydraulic disk brakes are the most effective braking solution for any bike making sure you can stop on a whim.

Electric folding bike 9 speed Shimano

9 Speeds Shimano Gears

We coupled the impressive power produced by the FX to a 9 speed shimano gears system. This offers an incredible level of control when powered but also allows you to ride your bike exactly like a normal one when unpowered!

Take your FX wherever you go

The FX is so light and can fold in such a tight space that you can literally carry it around in your luggage or car trunk. Never ask yourself again if you can take your ride on your business trip or holiday. Just do it!

Make your commute yours

Go to and from work without breaking a sweat, or get your dose of fitness by choosing any of the 5 power levels on your FX.

Glide in style

Extensive work and design was put into seamlessly integrating our electrical system into the FX. It retains sleek and beautiful shapes while eliminating awkward wiring and misplaced components.


By shipping directly from our factory to your door, we are currently able to offer a 25% discount on pre-orders. Very soon, the FX will start appearing in shops and this discount will be discontinued.


FuroSystems FX
MotorBAFANG Rear Hub Motor
Nominal/Peak Power250W/500W
Pedal Assist Top Speed25km/h (can be modified via computer to comply with local regulations)
Battery TypeLithium-Ion Samsung Cells
Battery Specs36v 8.7Ah 313Wh
Battery Extras5V USB output and frame key lock
RangeMore than 45km at average pace
Charge Time4.5hrs (2hrs with optional fast charger)
DisplayBacklit LCD with controls
ComputerCURTIS KD21C with modifiable speed limit and 6km walk assist
ReadoutsDistance traveled, current velocity (km/h or mph), battery autonomy and mode
Pedal Assist5 Levels
FrameFull carbon foldable in 3 steps
ForkCustom full carbon
Rear deraiilleurShimano Sora 9 speeds
BrakesShimano M315 Hydraulic Disk Brakes
TiresCST C1576 Black 20*1.75
Total Approximate Weight Fully Equipped14kgs
Maximum Recommended Rider Weight100kgs
Rider Height160cm - 195cm/5'2 - 6'2
Road LegalWorldwide

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