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Ted Silber

Digital Merchandiser @ IKEA Group

"The eTura is a small and very light agile bike with good power, great range and easy for my everyday life routine. Happy to be one of the first to pre-order it!"

Brando Baldan

Director @ Baldan Group UK

"I recommend to anyone who wants a solid and powerful electric scooter that is super fun and affordable."

Janette Steuart

Piano Shop Owner

"Now I feel like I’m flying up the hills and my knees don’t hurt anymore. So pleased!!"

Joe Covill

Founder at startup-ebikes.co.uk

"...the motor is almost invisible so it looks like you are fully pedal powered. This bike also has the battery hidden inside the carbon frame."

Graham Binstead

Head of Operations at Nolan Oil Ltd

"The FX is fast, powerful and offers great range, while staying very light..."

Sal Al-Najjar

Fitness & Nutrition Coach

"It was even more fun than it looked, it was not only fast but very smooth and I can honestly see it as a viable way to get around"

Ilias Kiourktsidis Ph.D.

Senior Software Engineer at Hitachi Consulting

"It's a pocket transportation device that takes you where you need to be..."

Merita Ramadani

Office Manager @ Homie.rent

"Honestly, wow! I tried, the Xiaomi, the Segway and a few other brands, e-twow I think, and it's a different machine altogether."

Romain Saint Guilhem

Founder & COO at Zebra Fuel

"I can have it out in 10 seconds to cruise anywhere I want."

Michael Claessens

Founder @ Willem Barentsz Premium Gin

"You start pedalling and within the fraction of a second the motor kicks in with an impressive power boost."


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