Full carbon electric Mountain bike

The SIERRA is an ultra light, full carbon, fully integrated, electric mountain bike offering aggressive power, great range and a sleek design. Dominate any terrain. It is the greatest ride.


electric Mountain bike sierra


This includes:
FuroSystems SIERRA 350W
Standard 2A Charger
10.4Ah Lithium-ion battery

Free 1 Year Warranty

Estimated Delivery: 05/2018

€2,799 €2,099

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electric Mountain bike sierra


This includes:
FuroSystems SIERRA 350W
Standard 2A Charger
14Ah Lithium-ion battery

Free 1 Year Warranty

Estimated Delivery: 05/2018

€3,099 €2,399


The SIERRA is a full carbon, fully integrated electric MTB. It is a light and reliable electric mountain bike with a spotless design.

The SIERRA's frame was conceived to be ultra light and robust while smoothly hiding all electronics and bulky shapes that made ebikes notoriously awkward. Combined with a powerful mid-motor, a high performance battery, two Shimano chain rings and 9 speeds Shimano gears, the SIERRA is easier to handle, more comfortable, faster and more energy dense than its competition. It truly is the greatest ride out there.

Its revolutionary design is achieved economically thanks to recent developments in modern manufacturing technologies. No other bike on the market can offer this performance, build quality and aesthetic design at such a competitive price.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, the SIERRA will allow you to dominate literally any terrain, with impeccable style.

Integrated Electric Mountain bike

Full Carbon Fully Integrated Design

The SIERRA's full carbon frame is moulded in a single smooth part which integrates its lithium-ion battery, wires, cables and electrical components in style. It is sufficiently lightweight to allow for extreme manoeuvrability, enhanced range and optimal comfort.

It is the ebike that cumulates all the advantages without any of the disadvantages. It is designed to make you proud of your ride.

Electric mountain bike mid-motor

Powerful BOFEILI Mid-Motor

The SIERRA's high performance torque sensing BOFEILI 250W or 350W mid-motor feels exactly how much torque you are applying to the pedals and reacts accordingly by providing you with the power you instinctively desire.

The SIERRA's 2 chain rings and 9 speed Shimano gears transfer the motor's power to the ground through 18 torque levels leading to an incredible degree of freedom and control.

Electric mountain bike removable lithium battery

State-of-the-art Removable Lithium-ion Battery

The SIERRA is equipped with a removable Lithium-ion battery assembled with the best cells available on the market, the same ones as those you would find in a Tesla car, for safety and optimal energy density.

The standard 10.4Ah battery offers more than 55km of range at an average pace while the SIERRA MAX 14Ah battery gets you more than 75km. It is compact, light and integrates perfectly within the bike's frame.

Electric mountain bike LCD screen

Onboard Computer and Backlit LCD Display

The onboard computer allows you to monitor your current velocity, average velocity, battery capacity, current power consumption and distance travelled. You can choose between 5 pedal assist power modes: from full fitness to zero sweat.

A walk assist mode pushes the bike at a constant 5-6km/h for an easy start or a comfortable walk!

Electric Mountain Biike Hydraulic Disk Brakes

Hydraulic Disk Brakes

Of course, we equipped the ultimate ebike with the ultimate stopping system. Shimano M315 Hydraulic Disk Brakes provide reliable and powerful braking for the most agressive riders in the most extreme conditions.

Electric mountain bike 9 speed Shimano

18 Speeds Shimano Gears

The SIERRA's powerful mid-motor is coupled to 18 Shimano gears distributed through 2 Shimano chain rings and 9 speed Shimano gears. This offers outstanding control over speed and torque and provides the choice between a supercharged electric MTB or a high performance unpowered bike when you feel like it.

Electric mountain bike front suspension

SR Suntour Front Suspension

The SIERRA is equipped with SR Suntour XCM front supensions for control and comfort both on rough trails and smooth city terrain.

A ride akin to a glide

The SIERRA will make you feel as light as a feather. Its high-performance motor will allow you to ride through city streets and take on steep hills effortlessly.

Keep going further

The SIERRA offers great battery life and range, and ensures that you will never run out of steam, even on your most daring adventures.

Control through technology

The SIERRA's onboard computer lets you monitor your activity to optimise your ride. Monitor your distances, current and average speeds, battery capacity, motor power assist levels and more!


By shipping directly from our factory to your door, we are currently able to offer a 25% discount on pre-orders. Very soon, the SIERRA will start appearing in shops and this discount will be discontinued.


Electric mountain bike features
FuroSystems SIERRA
MotorBOFEILI Mid-Motor
Nominal/Peak Power350W/600W
Pedal Assist Top Speed32km/h (can be modified via computer to comply with local regulations)
Standard Battery TypeLithium-Ion Samsung Cells
Standard Battery Specs36v 10.4Ah 375Wh
MAX Battery TypeLithium-Ion LG Cells
MAX Battery Specs36v 14Ah 504Wh
Battery ExtrasIntegrated design and secure key lock
Standard Battery RangeMore than 55km at average pace
MAX Battery RangeMore than 75km at average pace
Standard Battery Charge Time5.5hrs (2.5hrs with optional fast charger)
MAX Battery Charge Time7hrs (3hrs with optional fast charger)
DisplayBacklit LCD with controls
ComputerSW-LCD with modifiable speed limit and 6km walk assist
ReadoutsDistance traveled, current and average velocity (km/h or mph), power consumption (W), battery autonomy and mode
Pedal Assist5 Levels
FrameFull carbon
ForkSR Suntour XCM
Front derailleurShimano ALIVIO FD-M4000 DS
Rear derailleurShimano Acera 9 speeds
BrakesShimano M315 Hydraulic Disk Brakes
TiresCST C1846 27.5*2.25
Total Approximate Weight Fully Equipped19kgs
Maximum Recommended Rider Weight150kgs
Rider Height160cm - 195cm/5'2 - 6'4

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