Outlet units now available

Youri Moskovic 🇧🇪

Head of Solutions @ Satalia

I subscribed to FuroSystems' newsletter a few months ago out of general interest for their products. They contacted me to be one of the first testers of their new bike, the Aventa. I was keen to test the bike and their team, was flexible in working out the meeting time and location.
When I first saw the bike, I couldn’t help but notice the minimalist, slick, and timeless design of the bike. It’s very different than what you get now in the market.

As soon as I tried it, I was very happy to know that the performance was as good, if not better than the bike’s aesthetics. From the moment you start pedalling, the electric assistance blends perfectly with your rythme and provides you with the exact amount of support needed to make the ride effortless. I also had a crush on the brakes. They are top notch quality, plus this is a perk you rarely see but that brings extra confidence in your ride.
Finally it’s worth mentioning how supportive and helpful they were in answering all my questions about the brand and the bike. You can see their passion for electric vehicles and that’s also one of the reasons why I’m feeling very comfortable buying from Furo.

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