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Ted Silber

Digital Merchandiser @ IKEA Group

I had the chance to meet two members of the furo team for a test drive of their Furo X - very interesting and driven guys. Great bike with a lot of power, super smooth ride with a lot of different specs that made the bike perfect as a normal bike as well. But to be honest I needed something smaller and more compact for daily routine tasks but ideally with similar range and as much power as possible.

I then subscribed quite early for a beta trial of the eTura and got the chance to ride it for 2 weeks. I was very pleasantly surprised! Super light, easy to carry, great breaks - a lot of power despite the size of it, never had an issue with hills. A full battery gave me on average 40km of range depending on the journeys and reached 25kph easily. Without too much effort I could cruise at 30kph when I felt like it. The eTura is a small and very light agile bike with good power, great range and easy for my everyday life routine. Happy to be one of the first to pre-order it!

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