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Sal Al-Najjar

Fitness & Nutrition Coach

So let me start by saying that I have always kind of been anti-scooter but I saw Albert on his electric one and it looked quite fun, it reminded me of the Segways so I asked if I could have a go. It was even more fun than it looked , it was not only fast but very smooth and I can honestly see it as a viable way to get around, I was thinking about buying a vespa but the pros from this completely outweigh the pros of anything else due to the portability of it , the cost, the convenience and the performance.

It folds up and can easily be taken anywhere so it wont get stolen, especially with its anti-theft wheel locking system and alarm. It is a really fun way to get around and I'm totally converted now. I think once anyone tries these they will really enjoy it thanks to its performance and the portability of it which make it unbeatable. I cant wait to get mine now. In terms of the equipment its comfortable and easy to use.

Incredible product - Thank you Furo Systems

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