Outlet units now available

Sacha Wysze 🇧🇪

Development Finance @ IPCA Group

I've been driving electric bikes for about 3 years in London and this new Furo urban bike is by far the one that gave me the best driving experience. Firstly, the design of the bike is very minimalist and exactly how you would expect it to be. Secondly, driving the bike gives you a great feeling, it’s very smooth and you don’t even notice how fast you are driving with it. The new screen also helps to give you the best ride by showing you all the important metrics you would need while riding your Furo.

The saddle is very comfortable and made for daily use and battery range is more than enough for your daily commute. The acceleration and assistance on the bike is also very slick and gave me a great feeling on the road. I finally found the perfect urban bike for my daily commute in London and for driving in the city effortlessly. The Furo team has been very cooperative and comforted me in my choice of this new ebike. I’m sure we will now see more and more Furo on the road and I can’t wait to keep riding on it every day.

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