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Merita Ramadani

Office Manager @ Homie.rent

I have been looking online for electric scooters for quite a while. I don't remember where but I found an article saying that a company based in London was developing one of these which would be out soon. I found FuroSystems' number on their website, got in touch with them and they were actually conducting trials and tests for their new prototypes.

They kindly let me use one of their prototypes for a bit over a week so I could give them feedback on how it felt and drove. Honestly, wow! I tried, the Xiaomi, the Segway and a few other brands, e-twow I think, and it's a different machine altogether.

It feels very solid, like a real vehicle, and the power and range that it has are great. It's very fast, I've been mainly staying in the slowest mode, around 25km/h - 30km/h, but I reached 41km/h once on a flat road and that was impressive! The nice thing though is that with the wide board and big suspensions, it's actually not scary at all and impressively smooth and stable!

I've been easily doing 40km per charge and all the features it comes with like power, speed, suspensions, disk brakes, etc , led it to be something like 17.2kgs when I weighed it. That's actually ok to carry for short distances and up short stairs but not too much more. It's all a matter of what you favor, weight or overall performance!

I can't wait for my pre-order to be delivered in a few weeks 🙂

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