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Ilias Kiourktsidis Ph.D.

Senior Software Engineer at Hitachi Consulting

I am from Athens in Greece and moved to London in 2007 for work. I have been a software engineer with many different companies. This kind of job requires me to move around with my laptop very fast in case of problem. I wanted to find some other way to do that than my car or public transport. These are good sometimes, but with traffic and peak hours they can also be a real hassle.

I did a bit of research and found the FuroSystems FX. I mean it took a while, FuroSystems was quite under the radar at the time but I am super happy I didn't settle on anything before finding it. I like to consider myself an early adopter, I am very interested in new technologies and products and love to give them a shot before anyone else.

To sum up my experience with the FX in a few words: it looks better, is faster and more practical than any other bike I tried. It's a pocket transportation device that takes you where you need to be and saves you so much money on the long term. If you factor in the healthy side of being able to do a bit of sport at the same time then it really is a big win all the way around.

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