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Ian Nachemson

Masters in Materials Science at Imperial College London

I met the FuroSystems team while they were testing some of their final prototypes in Richmond Park, near London. We had a chat and they agreed to let me use a demo version of the SIERRA for a few weeks. I've always liked biking on trails, in the forest or in the streets of Stockholm when I lived there.

The SIERRA is like having a superpower, it really multiplies your strength and speed by an incredible amount, it's one of the best feelings I've had while cycling. Also, it looks amazing, you have to see it in real life to grasp that!

It has definitely made my life easier and healthier in London. Going to uni and coming back takes a quarter of the time that it used to and is a lot of fun. I now spend most of my weekends exploring new playgrounds and making the most of my SIERRA.

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