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Graham Binstead

Head of Operations at Nolan Oil Ltd

I have been working in the car and fuel industry since 1986. I heard about FuroSystems through a friend at work. Their team was organising a meeting with friends of friends to test the bikes and gather some objective opinions on their looks and feel.

The first thing I thought when I saw the FX is that it looked really nice and seemed very light. I went to lift it straight away and it was much lighter than I expected. I then took it for a spin, and it really made me understand what the whole fuss around electric vehicles and bicycles was about. It's like moving on a cloud, you don't hear anything, it's as smooth as it gets and it pushes you around with quite a lot of punch.

I had the pleasure to enjoy a long conversation with Eliott, one of the founders of FuroSystems, after which we agreed that with my background, and being completely new to this type of bike, I would be perfect for taking one of their factory prototypes with me for a week or two and give back an honest and objective review of my time with it.

I was instantly hooked, taking each opportunity out of the house to ride it. Going to work in the morning and coming back at night when the weather allowed, getting the groceries, visiting a few mates to brag about my new toy. The FX is fast, powerful and has great range, yet it is so light and folds in a clever way that makes it easy to store anywhere.

Obviously, when the time came to give it back, I did all I could to buy that prototype from them! It took a bit of convincing but they eventually kindly agreed. It's definitely the best purchase I've made in a while.

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