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Courtney Barker

Quiqup Courier

As a courier in london, I spent a lot of time driving cars, trucks and bikes in this busy city. I was discussing new cool ways of moving around with a co-worker and we found FuroSystems on Facebook. I subscribed to their newsletter and a few weeks later I was contacted to join a small exclusive event to have a first look at their bikes and try them out.

I obviously jumped on the SIERRA and the FX for as long as I could. The SIERRA was really nice, but what I was looking for was the FX. There is no much better way of moving around in a city like London than having an electric bike which folds in less than five seconds, weighs as much as my backpack and gives me a steady 25-30 km/h for hours. Also, the vibe with the founders was very nice, Albert and Eliott were accessible, they gave me their personal number and email addresses to keep in touch. A week or two later they called me to let me know that I could now preorder the FX and get it in a few weeks. I didn't think very long before going for it!

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