Outlet units now available

Brando Baldan


I live quite close to The FuroSystems Team's Office and one day, by luck, stopped one of the team, David, I think on a brand new, fresh out of the factory Fuze prototype. I just wanted to know where I could get one, and he kindly offered to arrange a date for me to borrow it for a few hours and have a proper trial.

The best way for me to describe my experience with the Fuze is this: it's impressively powerful, fast and absorbs really well shocks and the vibrations from the road. Really good quality as well, it felt very robust, even the tyres looked very thick and strong. On one hand it's on the heavier side, but the big range, big power and big suspensions really make it worth it in my opinion!

Another thing, is the deck is large enough to comfortably and easily fit both of my feet while still being small enough to store away discreetly in the house. I thought this was important too as the Xiaomi I tried felt a bit flimsy in that sense. So yes, great great scooter, at a very good price right now so I happily placed my pre-order!

I recommend to anyone who wants a solid and powerful electric scooter that is super fun and affordable.

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