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Are electric bikes environmentally friendly?

Yes – electric bikes offer an environmentally-friendly alternative to driving a car, motorbike, or scooter. Whether you ride a regular or folding electric bike, you’ll not only improve your physical and mental health, but you’ll also probably reduce your carbon footprint. When you arrive at the office in the morning on your electric bike, having avoided the stop and start of the morning rush hour traffic, you can be confident that you’re contributing to the protection of the environment. Here are the main reasons why electric bikes are good for the environment.



Zero emissions

Electric bikes help you to reach your destination faster than a traditional bike with the aid of a motor, powered by a lithium-ion battery. The main environmental benefit of this battery-powered propulsion is that it does not emit any harmful emissions.

Air pollution is a significant problem in many of the UK’s cities, but it’s most serious in London. Despite measures taken to help clean up the capital’s air, it’s estimated that about 2 million Londoners are living in areas with illegally high levels of toxic fumes. The most prominent is nitrous oxide, emitted mainly from diesel cars – this noxious gas is damaging to the respiratory system, and contributes to an estimated 9,400 premature deaths every year as a result of bad air quality in London.

An electric bike does not emit any fumes, so riding one will contribute to fresher air (especially in urban areas) whilst helping you to get in shape.




All of FuroSystems’ electric bikes use lithium-ion batteries. While there are legitimate concerns around the increasing use of lithium-ion batteries, they are the best option currently available. David Deak, chief technical officer of Lithium Americas and former Tesla employee sums up the situation well – “In the short term, the CO2 footprint from (lithium) hard rocks will be less than ideal – but it is still extremely important in offsetting the CO2 emissions that otherwise would come from internal combustion engines.”

While hydrogen cells might propel the bikes of the future, for the time being, lithium batteries are the most environmentally-friendly alternative to fossil fuels. Our batteries are rechargeable, durable, and have a range of up to 75 km per charge, meaning you can reach your destination without breaking a sweat.



Charging an electric bike

Electric bikes need to be charged regularly to help you whizz around the city streets. Whilst you’re helping to protect the environment just by riding an electric bike, you can further improve your green credentials by making some important decisions on how to charge its battery.

Renewable energy now accounts for around 33% of the National Grid’s total output and is set to increase. Due to the growing demand for clean energy, switching suppliers to a provider of renewable energy is not as expensive as it once was. If you make the jump to a renewable energy provider, you could be powering your bike with solar, wind, hydroelectric, or tidal energy.

A useful tip is to charge your bike overnight – demand for energy generally decreases during the quiet of the night, meaning that the power supplied is usually excess power produced by the National Grid. Using this energy is more environmentally friendly and cheaper than at other times of the day.



A green ride

Riding an electric bike is an environmentally-friendly way of getting from A to B. With zero emissions and a battery that can be charged over and over again with energy from renewable sources, the electric bike will help you to reduce your carbon footprint whilst improving your fitness. FuroSystems offers a range of electric bikes to suit different needs – why not check the eTura, the world’s lightest and most compact folding e-bike, or the Sierra, our mighty electric mountain bike? We have something for everyone!

5 Benefits of electric scooters

Disclaimer: Currently, electric scooters are not legal for use on pavements and public roads in the UK (without licence and insurance). The below advice applies to cities such as Paris and Madrid where they are currently legal. We hope the UK follows suit in the near future.

Electric scooters have become a symbol of modern urban transport; they’re a common sight in big cities such as Paris, Madrid, and San Francisco. The trend looks set to move in only one direction – upwards! While we think this recent boom in popularity is excellent, we can’t deny that there are many who remain unconvinced. Do you consider yourself in this category? Perhaps we can change your mind!


1. Portability

Rivalled only by folding bikes, electric scooters are perhaps the most portable mode of powered personal transport. Many people would like assisted forms of transport but find them too cumbersome or too technical to be practical. Motorbikes are great, but you need a license and insurance to ride one. Push Bikes are excellent, but you’ll often need to leave it chained up outside and at risk of being stolen, and they’re too large to be considered truly portable. Electric scooters are light and fold up, allowing for easy storage and portability. You can simply pull it along much like you would a small suitcase, meaning you can take it virtually anywhere. Then, when the time comes, you simply unfold it and you’re on your way!


electric scooter portability


2. Eco-friendly

We can’t write an article about the pros of electric scooters without mentioning the environment. The era-defining geopolitical story of our time is climate change. Our collective search for more environmentally-friendly modes of transport and reduced emissions is seeing some progress, with electric scooters being one of the frontrunners so far. They only use a small amount of electricity and don’t emit any emissions, which is better for the air quality in our cities and for the lungs of their residents. As a reliable, affordable, and eco-friendly way of travelling, it doesn’t get any better than an electric scooter.




3. Noise pollution

Travelling around a city and silence never go hand-in-hand. Virtually any method of travelling around comes with a significant amount of noise pollution – cars, motorbikes, buses, trains – they’re all incredibly loud. Even walking can be noisy if you have hard-soled shoes on! Enter the electric scooter; a whisper-quiet mode of transport that’s the fastest and quietest way to get from A to B.

We’re sure you or someone you know has had a neighbour who works very early or very late hours, and when they arrive home late at night or early in the morning, the sound of their car or motorbike is a jarring disturbance. If they had an electric scooter, you wouldn’t hear a thing.


4. Balance + movement

Another struggle mankind is facing today is our increasingly sedentary lifestyle. Many of us work in offices or jobs that are largely seated, and most of us will drive or take a train to and from work. Throw in modern communication technology (FaceTime, Skype, Whatsapp, etc) allowing us to socialise without actually going anywhere, and movement becoming less and less necessary, and people struggling to find the time to exercise. With an electric scooter, for smaller journeys that you would usually drive or use public transport, you can get your body moving. Of course, we know riding an electric scooter isn’t a replacement for a workout, but it will activate your core and improve your balance. Using a scooter is a great way of substituting a chair for something a little more active.



5. Safety

Every mode of transport comes with an element of risk. When you travel any faster than walking pace, your risk of having an accident increases – even something as simple as tripping or bumping into someone whilst jogging. Compared with other personal modes of transport, such as cycling, roller skating, or using hoverboards, scooters are potentially the safer option. For one, you can simply step off if you see an imminent collision occurring. This is something you can’t do with bikes or roller skates, and you have immediate access to the brakes, which hoverboards lack. Electric scooters are fast enough to be useful and fun to ride, but give you enough control that you feel safe and secure while riding.

It’s probably not surprising, but we can’t speak highly enough of electric scooters! Our very own electric scooter – the Fuze – is a powerful example of how good they can be. With a range of up to 55km, extremely effective Electronic Regenerative Braking, and a top speed of 40km/h, the Fuze is one of the fastest and most exciting ways to get around town. Don’t believe us? Check out our reviews from satisfied customers!

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