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The Essential Bike Tools To Look After Your Electric Bike

Bike maintenance is a vast topic but most essential tasks can be worked through easily with a few standard tools to keep your electric bike running smoothly. Having the right tools at your disposal will make the task much easier, and can ensure you that the job has been done safely. We have compiled a list of equipment that will get you started on your bike’s general maintenance at home!


Allen Key Set 

An absolute essential in every cyclist’s home toolbox, Allen keys most likely will be the tools you use the most. It will let you go through the majority of repairs on your electric bike. The keys come in a variety of sizes and shapes. An L-shape set allows a versatile use and reaches when tightening/loosening bolts. (most commonly used are 4mm,5mm,6mm)






Handy and multipurpose, a wrench key is also essential for tyre repairs and maintenance. It securely holds the nut to prevent spinning when loosening or tightening the bolt to the correct level of tension. Adjustable wrenches are versatile and practical for repair on the road. (Commonly used are 15mm, 10mm, 9mm for the Furo X and 17mm for the Aventa model)


Phillips screwdriver

You will need a Phillips screwdriver to make adjustments on your bike and fit accessories.





Bike Multitool

With a good cycling multitool, you will be equipped for most eventualities! It usually includes a range of tools such as different sized Allen keys, Torx keys and screwdriver heads. Multi-tools can vary from minimal tools containing the bare essentials to more comprehensive sets including pretty much everything you need.


Puncture Repair Kit

Puncture repair kits usually include tyre patches, glue, valve hose, sandpaper to repair a punctured tyre. Ensure to keep your kit in your saddlebag should you need it on the road for an unexpected puncture. Also, we do recommend keeping a spare inner tube.





We recommend using a pump with an integrated pressure gauge so you can accurately pump to the desired air pressure. Make sure the pump has a Schrader valve for a perfect air seal.








GT85 is one of the best sprays to have in your cupboard. Versatile and multi-purpose spray, it will come in handy for chains, cables, levers, gears and derailleurs. Note that you should not use WD40 as it’s primary use is as a solvent or rust dissolver.



A set of tyre levers

Inexpensive and another toolbox essential, tyre levers are designed specifically for removing your tyres off the wheels without causing damage in the process and will make the job much easier




Essential Bike Tools




Brush set

A collection of brushes will help with cleaning the mud and dirt that can be in hard to reach places


Microfibre Cloth

A handy one for your post-ride cleanup! Super absorbent and soft, microfiber cloths will easily eliminate blemishes and absorb all the excess moisture when you wipe down your bike.

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