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Preventing Bike Theft: Mark & Protect Your Bike

The pandemic has made more people start riding with 1.3 million Brits buying a bike during the first national lockdown, but with this rise in cycling came the inevitable spike in bike crime. Cyclists are now more at risk to have their bike stolen. One easy way to help prevent anyone from taking your bike is to have it registered and a solid lock. According to UK crime data, a bike is stolen every 90 seconds in the UK and bike thefts reported to BikeRegister rose by 58% in August 2020 in comparison to the previous year. Registering your bike won’t prevent it from being stolen but it means there’s an opportunity for it to be recovered and has already enabled hundreds of cyclists to be reunited with their bikes after they have been stolen.



Register Your Bike

Registering on BikeRegister is free and only takes a few minutes to add your bike details to their National Police-approved database. The company has helped inform the government on legislation relating to cycle crime.


All you need is your bike’s make, model, identifying number code and a few photographs. Your details will be held on a secure online database to which all UK Police Forces have access. Once registered you simply have to protect your bike with one of their security marking kits to obtain a unique reference number for your bike.


The Furo X carbon frame is coated so BikeRegister’s marking kits will work on it. You will find its identification number under the bottom bracket.


For all new bikes bought through Cyclescheme you can choose to have your bike auto-registered with the UK’s national, Police approved, bicycle marking & registration scheme.




Bicycle Security


These tips below will make it more difficult for thieves to leave with your precious bike and significantly help to reduce the chances of becoming a victim of cycle theft.

  • Invest in a high-quality lock that is suitable for your needs
  • Get your bike registered and marked
  • Store your bike in a secure location covered by CCTV
  • Unlock and remove your battery when you lock it up
  • Secure your bike in a different location each day
  • Don’t leave it parked in public for long periods of time
  • Remove your bike accessories
  • Adopt the same level of security at home that you would do in the streets

How you lock up your bike is important. To provide a higher level of security for your bike, lock the frame and both wheels to a stand with two quality locks. BikeRegister data reveal that bikes are more commonly stolen from homes, followed by the streets and at work.



What To Do If Your Bike Is Stolen?


If you find yourself being the victim of theft we recommend proceeding to the following steps to improve your chances of recovering your bike and quickly identify yourself as the owner:


1/ Report the theft to the police

You can report the theft to the police either online or in-person at your local police station.

2/ Report the theft to your insurer

Once you have reported the theft to the police and if you have a specific bike insurance, you need to inform them immediately, the claim should be done within 24 hours of the theft.

3/ Report your bike as stolen on BikeRegister

BikeRegister allows you to report your bike as stolen on its platform. Once the stolen bike has been reported on the database, it makes it is easier for members of the cycling community or the Police to prove that a bike is in the wrong hands.

4/ Alert the cycling community and local bike shops

We recommend posting on local community groups on social media with the bike details and theft details. Tap on the power of the cycling community and get help from fellow cyclists who will help to keep an eye on your stolen bike on the streets. You can also approach your local bike shop.

5/ Search & monitor online

Monitor and set up alerts for second-hand goods websites and social media listings. Websites like Gumtree, eBay and Facebook Marketplace are often used to sell stolen bicycles. Stolen Bike on Twitter assists victims of bicycle theft and helps to recover their bikes.


If you find your bike for sale, either online or in a bike shop, we do not recommend trying to approach the seller but contacting the police instead who will advise you of the best actions to take.



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