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The Furo X was voted best urban folding eBike!

The Furo X was voted one of the best urban folding eBikes on the market in the french magazine NexxDrive with a score of 8.5/10! For those of you who understand la langue de Molière or have mastered Google Translate, here is the link.

For everyone else we have translated the section of the article that talks about us and our baby 🙂

“The weight of a bike is a guarantee of performance, but folding bikes are not really intended for time hunters. So, why save weight on an urban pedelec? Simply because once folded to be mounted in your apartment or transported in the corridors of the train stations, the Furo FX will be much more convenient than many competitors. Indeed, leaving aluminum for carbon, its frame is much lighter while remaining just as rigid. Result of the races, this folding ebike weighs only 15 kg or more than 8 kg less than the 2MEJ for example.

With its FX, FuroSystems has understood everything: a folding bike must be lightweight to be easily transportable when no longer on its wheels. For this, the English manufacturer has adopted the carbon for the construction of the frame. Result of the races, the FX weighs between 6 and 8 kg less than the competition, which is significant. In addition, it is a great ebike to use thanks to its powerful motor and 9 speeds Shimano transmission. The braking is easy to dose and the integrated turn signals reassure even if motorists unaccustomed to this type of equipment on a bike do not always understand them.”

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