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Furo X Delivered Earlier than Planned!

After the delays encountered in delivering our previous Furo X batch, mainly due to a factory change and unexpected delays at customs, thank you Brexit, we worked very hard to make sure this wouldn’t happen again, and positively surprise our next customers. We are very happy to announce that this was a success and the following batch was delivered one month early and is now sold out. Next orders will be delivered early July, and as we re-enter this short pre-order phase, a 22% discount is now offered on the Furo X.
Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions!


  1. Christian DESONNIAUX says:

    Bonjour, nous avons bien reçu les 2 vélos que nous avions commandés. Ce fut très facile de les monter. C’est très agréable de rouler avec. Nous espérons en profiter très longtemps. Ils ont l’air très solides et ont une belle finition. Pour moi, le seul regret que j,ai à formuler est que le garde-boue avant ne couvre pas assez la roue.
    Bien à vous

  2. Ken says:

    I’ve never seen your folding ebike but have decided it is the one for me as it covered all my needs. I have an apartment in Spain which has a narrow stair case with a tight turn at the bottom, so a light weight folding bike is the way to go. How would I have to wait for delivery

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