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The best mountain bike trails in Europe

More and more people are swapping the city break for a trip into the mountains. Away from the chaos and smog of the city, you can breathe in the fresh air and get some well-needed headspace. Taking to the highlands doesn’t mean putting your feet up though – there are lots of activities to do. Mountain-biking is an ever-popular choice for those looking to escape the city, and it’s been made more accessible with the arrival of electric mountain bikes. To help you with your next getaway, here are our top European trails for your electric mountain bike


Lairig Ghru, Scotland 

  • Difficulty level: Hard 
  • Length: 7 miles 
  • Estimated time: 1 hour 15 mins 
  • Maximum altitude: 484 metres 

This might be a relatively short ride, but it’s one that’ll test the ability of even the most experienced rider. This single-tracked route will see you skirt fern-covered hills and bound down some steep pine forest declines, before arriving in the same place you started – the hamlet of Coylumbridge. Be aware though, you may have to hike-and-bike in places as the terrain can get too tricky to ride across! 


Find the GPS map of the Lairig Ghru route here.



Dolomites Loop, Italy 

  • Difficulty level: Expert 
  • Length: 35 miles 
  • Estimated time: 6 hours 
  • Maximum altitude: 2141 metres 

The Dolomites are a haven for mountain bikers, with hundreds of different routes crisscrossing craggy outcrops, alpine forests, and verdant mountain meadows. This particular route, circling from the small village of Pozza di Fassa, encompasses all of these, along with some challenging inclines (up to 29%) – only experienced riders should attempt this one. 


Find the GPS map of the Dolomites Loop route here.



Dolomites Loop


Boadella Reservoir Loop, Spain 

  • Difficulty level: Intermediate 
  • Length: 17 miles 
  • Estimated time: 2 hours 30 minutes 
  • Maximum altitude: 373 metres 

This more accessible ebike route circles the Boadella reservoir in Catalonia, providing spectacular views of the surrounding scenery. A gentle road, with only one section of moderate incline, wind around the lush mountains, providing the perfect viewpoint from which to look down on crystalline waters of the lake and reservoir.


Find the GPS of the Boadella Reservoir Loop here


Boadella Reservoir Loop


Mittenwald Loop, Germany 

  • Difficulty level: Expert 
  • Length: 40 miles 
  • Estimated time: 7 hours 
  • Maximum altitude: 1791 metres 

Known for its painted houses and world-renowned violins, Mittenwald epitomises the German region of Bavaria. With three climbs, this route is mainly single-tracked and passes through forested valleys, meadows, and streams. 


Find the GPS of the Mittenwald Loop here.



Mittenwald Loop


Grande Traversée du Massif Central, France 

  • Difficulty level: Expert 
  • Length: 870 miles
  • Estimated time: 8/9 days 
  • Maximum altitude: 1,567 metres 

For those that really want to put their ebikes to the test, there’s the famous French route, the Grande Traversée du Massif Central. Stretching all the way from Avallon in the centre of the country to Cap D’Agde on the French Riviera, this mammoth trail cuts through 5 national parks and passes lakes, mountains, and even volcanoes. If you’re not up to the entire tour, you can take on individual sections which are equally enjoyable – check out the trail’s official website to see what suits you. 




Europe is full of great tracks and trails to test out your electric mountain bike. With a little help from an electric motor, you can scale all but the most demanding mountain routes – leaving you with enough energy to enjoy the rest of your break. Whether you’re a pro or just starting out, FuroSystems’ Sierra electric mountain bike is the ideal companion for Europe’s best trails – with a light frame, powerful motor, and a high-density battery, you’ll be racing up mountains as fast as you can bomb down them. 


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