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Ebike Insurance – Everything you need to know

Once you’ve bought an ebike, you’ll want to make sure it remains safe and sound. Whether you’re accident-prone or wary of having your ebike snatched, insurance will give you peace of mind and ensure you’re not out of pocket when misfortune strikes. Here’s our short guide on what you need to know when buying ebike insurance. 



What does ebike insurance cover? 

As with any type of insurance, the devil is in the detail. Each policy has different levels of coverage and limitations, so make sure to read the fine print before you buy. At a general level, though, you’ll want your policy to include things like Malicious or Accidental Damage, Theft, Personal Accident, and Third Party Liability. Here’s what they generally cover, and some common limitations to look out for. 



Malicious or Accidental Damage

This aspect of the insurance will cover you for damage to your ebike, caused by yourself (through an accident) or others (either through an accident or vandalism). 

What’s not covered

Malicious or accidental damage is restricted to ‘unexpected’ damage – not the usual wear-and-tear of the bike. If you’re unlucky enough to hit a pothole and come off, for example, the insurance will probably protect you against any necessary repair costs. A burst tire, worn thin over time, on the other hand, is unlikely to be covered. 




Given all the benefits of electric bikes, it’s not surprising that they attract the attention of thieves, especially in cities. This part of the insurance will cover you for the amount you paid for your electric bike. 

What’s not covered

An insurance company is very unlikely to cover the cost of your stolen electric bike if you’ve been careless with it. Unless it’s been taken from your own home, insurers will expect you to lock the bike up securely when out in public areas – the frame must be fixed to an immovable object (like a bike rack) with an approved lock. These are locks that are classed as either bronze, silver, or gold according to the level of security they offer, and correspond to the value of the bike.



Personal Accident 

As long as you ride responsibly and within the bounds of the law, you’re unlikely to suffer a serious injury from riding an ebike. If you do happen to come off whilst riding though, you may be entitled to a payout from the insurer, depending on the injury sustained and its severity. 

What’s not covered 

This element of ebike insurance generally covers only the most serious injuries – loss of sight, loss of limbs, and Emergency Dental Treatment. Insurers aren’t going to pay out for cuts and bruises. 



Third-Party liability 

This covers you for accidental damage caused to other people and their property. Whilst we’re sure that you’ll make every effort to keep safe on the roads, if your attention lapses for a moment and causes an accident involving someone else (or their property), you should be covered for any damages caused. 

What’s not covered 

There seems to be quite some variance between policies with regards to limitations, but as a general rule, injury and damage inflicted on family members and their property would not be covered under Third Party liability. 



How much does electric bike insurance cost? 

This very much depends on the cost of your ebike and where you happen to live. We’d advise using a comparison website to filter out the best deals and choose the policy that best suits you. We ran a search for our very own Furo X, and the annual cost ranged from £96 to £198 – a significant difference in price, but reflective of the different levels of cover. 


When you’re out and about on your electric bike, the last thing you want to think about is the cost of any misfortune – whether that be an accident or theft. With adequate insurance in place, you’ll feel freer to fully enjoy your ride, safe in the knowledge that you’re covered in case you get struck by some bad luck. And if you own of one FuroSystem’s electric bikes, know that you’re covered by a manufacturer’s guarantee if anything breaks or defects within the first two years (as long as it’s not caused by normal wear and tear, rider damage, or misuse). 





Find more information about our UK theft and damage insurance packages here



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