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Coronavirus Chaos: How to move around London without risk

The coronavirus pandemic has thrown the world into disarray. In the UK, as elsewhere, the government has placed severe restrictions on movement. Restaurants, cafes, bars, cinemas, and just about any other location where gatherings could potentially take place have been closed down, whilst home working has been recommended for all but a handful of ‘key workers’.  


The message from Prime Minister Boris Johnson is loud and clear –’Stay at home’. If you happen to be one of these key workers, however, you may be left wondering how you can get to work without the risk of picking up or spreading coronavirus. 


The latest reports from London show that tubes and trains are still packed during rush hour – perfect conditions for this disease to pass from person to person. As fewer services are running and stations closed, those who do have to travel around the capital (and many that don’t) are cramming into carriages. 


In order to prevent the spread of this disease and the NHS from being overwhelmed, two things need to happen: firstly, we repeat, stay at home; secondly, seek other ways of moving around the capital that are less risky. 


As it happens, we might just know the ideal alternative to the tube during this troubled time. 


electric bike london


Pedalling against the pandemic 

If you’re a key worker, one of the most secure ways to avoid contracting or spreading COVID-19 on your commute is by getting on a bike. Now, you could use a standard old-fashioned bike, but this pandemic has caught you unaware and you might not be in the best shape to pedal across the capital. An eBike is the answer, and here’s why. 


  • Motor-assistance – Electric bikes are fitted with lithium-battery-powered motors that assist you up to a maximum speed of 15.5 mph. This means you can get to your workplace without breaking a sweat, and probably faster than you would with the tube anyway. 
  • Sustainability – Electric bikes are an environmentally-friendly way of getting around. Whilst pollution has plummeted in London since the beginning of the outbreak, riding an eBike certainly won’t dirty the capital’s air. 
  • Reliable – TfL has closed more than 40 stations around London and reduced most services to a weekend rota. Although it’s committed to ensuring key workers are able to reach their destinations, travel is likely to be disrupted. With an electric bike, however, commuters can take control and be where they need to without delays. 


Cycling during Coronavirus

Cyclists must adhere to the normal rules when cycling during Coronavirus outbreak. This includes regularly washing hands, not touching your face, and severely limiting social contact. Specific consideration for cyclists is to be wary of touching handlebars, helmets, and any other equipment. Preliminary research has shown that the virus can live on surfaces from anywhere between a few hours to days, so it’s highly advisable to wash your hands as soon as you’ve finished your ride to your workplace or home. 


Everyone must do what they can to stop the spread of coronavirus. For most, this means staying inside and avoiding all but the most essential contact with people from other households. For others, especially those deemed as ‘key workers’, this means reducing the risk of contracting and spreading the virus. Alongside thorough hygiene practices, choosing alternative modes of travel like an electric bike will help to stop the spread of this disease. 


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