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How to change the speed limit on your Furo X

As you know, when shipped to you, your Furo X‘s top speed is electronically limited to 25kph due to EU legal requirements for the bike to be road legal. Once the FX goes over 25kph, the motor automatically cuts off. However, you might want a different speed limit if you are using your bike in an area with different restrictions (e.g. USA 32kph), or in the case where you don’t use your FX on public roads (e.g. on private property). This guide will quickly show you how to change the speed limit on the KD21C key-disp display which equips the Furo X.




1 – Switch on the battery and press and hold the mode button to switch on your screen.
Switch on your ebike display
2 – Once your screen is on, press and hold both the “+” and “-“ buttons to access the general settings.
Enter the general settings
3 – Press and hold the “M” and “-“ button to access the system settings
Enter the system's settings
4 – Once in the system settings, tap “M” to scroll through the different settings. The speed limit setting is marked “LS”.
Access the speed limit setting
5 – Use the “+” and “-“ to adjust the speed limit which can be seen in the bottom left corner of the screen.
Adjust the speed limit
6 – Once you have selected a new setting, press and hold “M” to save and return to the starting screen.
Save and return to the starting screenLegal notice: You must comply with your local regulations to ride your e-bike on public roads, increasing the speed limit over 25kph in the EU will make your e-bike illegal to ride on roads without a license and registration. The limit should only be increased over 25kph for off-road use or in the case where your local regulations allow it.

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  1. Thomas Kane says:

    Bought my bike from Bikeberry (Micari) with your computer on it. I would like more info or manual to find out how to set Trip setting.
    Thanks Thomas Kane

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