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Month: November 2020

Virtual shopping experience: Have you tried it yet?

As England plunges into its second lockdown, tough new restrictions have come into place. To comply with the new rules we have had to suspend test rides for our customers. We understand that purchasing a new bike without trying it can be frustrating so we decided to enhance the customer shopping experience. This is where augmented reality can make a difference.



AR brings the showroom to your home(room!)

We’ve now introduced a great new feature for you to explore, an Augmented Reality tool that is integrated into our website. The AR technology provides you with an immersive shopping experience to visualise the product directly from the comfort of your home. Using your device’s camera, AR technology supplements reality by superimposing computer-generated elements. Displayed in real size, they can explore our electric bikes and scooters and their features from all angles to help in the decision-making process.


Nothing will replace a real test ride or speaking to a person when browsing products, but virtual shopping gives our customers the opportunity to collect more insights to become familiar with the product before making a purchase.


Using AR aligns with Furosystems’ commitment to innovation but most importantly to continue to develop the online customer experience across online assets. The new feature is available on the devices via the AR icon displayed.



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Best Cycling Apps You Need To Try

There’s no shortage of apps designed for cyclists so we have compiled a list of our top picks for a range of different situations. Some apps will require you to have your phone installed on the handlebars, whereas with others, you can just hit start, put your phone in your pocket, and start your ride. The Furo X battery has a USB port allowing you to charge your phone on the go. This is particularly useful when using GPS and data.




Packed with a lot of features, Strava lets you track and analyze every aspect of your riding. You can track your progress over time with GPS, join challenges, connect with friends and share your performances and photos on your feed. Intuitive and easy to use, Strava adds a great social aspect to your riding and is a great way to get inspired by a friend’s activity. You can compare your efforts to your friends and other cyclists on popular stretches of road.


Free to download and offers various paid features – iOS and Android





Another popular option is RidewithGPS, which makes it easy to map, analyze, record, and share your bike rides. The route planner tool will help you to plan your next bike ride directly on the app from their large and comprehensive database of rides. You can modify it to build the perfect route based on distance, elevation and difficulty. In addition to this, you can record rides and download routes to navigate while offline.


Free to download and offers Basic and Premium plans – iOS and Android





For those who want to explore and get off the road, Komoot is a great intuitive route planning app. Asphalt or trails, Komoot generates sport-specific, topographic routing and tailor-made itineraries. You can create your own collection of routes based on your own criteria such as route information, road type and surface. This helps as you’ll know exactly what you’re facing when planning your off-road adventure. The app is community-based and lets you recommend your favourite spots, share your rides with your friends, and browse routes made by other users.


The app’s pricing is based on regions. – iOS and Android




Bike Map provides cycling route navigation for riders for a range of terrains including road, off-road, gravel and more. The app benefits from an active worldwide community where you can enrich the user-generated cycling route collection by adding your own unique favourites. Their extensive database will allow you to find the most suitable route for training, touring and commuting. The app also displays riding necessities such as bike shops, public toilets, ATMs and most importantly, cafes!


Free to download with options for in-app purchases – iOS and Android



Bike Citizens

Bike Citizens is a navigation app specially designed for the needs of cyclists in urban areas with real-time route calculation and a GPS navigator prioritising bike-friendly paths. The routes specially optimised for cycling take into account current short-term closures as well as live traffic information. Additionally, you can choose insider cycling tours through the city, created by local cycling couriers. The app also delivers a categorised list of sights, from which you can create individual tours in the cycle route planner.


Free to download with options for purchasing city guides – iOS and Android





Easy to use, the Relive app has a great feature set, including 3D route visualization. Track your rides and turn them into 3D videos for visualizing rides with lots of elevation changes and displaying photos captured along the way. At the end, the video shows you your total stats, including distance, elevation gain, time, and average speed. Making your ride look like a Tour de France stage.


Free to download with options for in-app purchases – iOS and Android





This advanced bike tracking app is rich with features like maps, graphs, splits, intervals, laps, announcements, zones, training plans and more. Very comprehensive the app lets you get in-depth with your stats when your ride is complete. You can as well connect the app to external sensors and displays to collect the advanced ride data. Another great safety feature is the Free Live-Tracking to keep others informed on your location.


Free to download with the option to upgrade to premium for more features – iOS


Which factors affect your electric scooter range?

First, what is the range? The range is the distance your electric scooter can travel on a single charge. Riders often notice that the range they get in real-life conditions is lower than the range advertised. Why is this? Your scooter’s actual range depends on many factors, particularly your environment and your personal riding habits. Below, we are going to explore the factors that determine your electric scooter’s range.



Why does your electric scooter range vary?


Not all riding conditions are ideal and equal. It is natural for the estimated range of electric scooters to change as it is impacted by a range of factors. These include:

  • Total weight
  • The weather
  • The terrain and the type of surface
  • Tyre pressure
  • Riding style



Total weight


The total weight of the scooter and rider will affect the range.  The range will therefore vary for each driver, depending on their weight, size and possible luggage. Overloading your electric scooter will lead to drawing more power over the course of your journey.








The weather


Lithium-ion batteries operate optimally at around 23°C. When the temperature drops, it is normal to experience a shorter range than normal when riding. Your scooter performance decreases due to extra energy demands on the battery. Riding in a headwind will also affect its performance.



The terrain


It may seem obvious but when you go uphill or off-road the motor will consume more energy to tackle the demanding terrain. The ideal surface to ride further is a relatively flat and smooth road. To save your battery power, be mindful of hills and steep sections, as well as speed bumps and the general condition of the road.




Tyre pressure


The important thing to get the most out of your scooter is to maintain the pressure right (between 40 and 60 PSI). Under-inflated tyres will affect your scooter range, its handling and braking performance. As well as minimizing the risk of getting a flat tyre! Ideally get the pressure checked before each ride.


Riding style


The range will vary depending on your riding style. The faster and the more aggressively you ride your scooter, the more power the electric motor will consume. To increase your range you should limit sudden acceleration and deceleration during your ride. Instead, accelerate gradually until you reach your cruising speed. Maintain a constant speed for as long as possible for a longer range distance.




Ideal conditions


The environment you ride in plays a big role in your realistic range. As all the factors mentioned above will impact your scooter’s performance. The advertised battery range reflects ideal riding conditions for example, flat and smooth terrains, a 75kg rider, a steady average speed with minimal variation in riding style. The scooter simulations are performed by manufacturers under these conditions in order to get the best out of the machine on one charge and do not take into account weather conditions, rider ability or other external factors that you may encounter during your rides.


We designed our online range calculator to provide the most realistic value possible. So you can accurately determine how far you can expect to travel on your Fuze.





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