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Month: September 2020

Bike Insurance? Does your electric bike need insurance?

Whilst ensuring your electric bike is not compulsory in England, there are numerous reasons to consider insuring your new ride. It is highly recommended to find a suitable policy in the event that you have an accident, which leaves you and your bike with a public liability cover as well as protection against theft and damage.



Keep your investment safe

Purchasing an electric bike is a significant investment you want to protect. There are different policies available on the market and you might want to shop around for the coverage that is right for you.

Assuming your home insurance policy provides the right cover is risky as you may only be covered while the bike’s at home. It is worth checking how much cover you are likely to receive as there are some strict conditions and limitations. Whereas specialist electric bike insurance policies often offer higher amounts of cover.



Electric Bike Insurance Cover

There are different policies available and factors you should consider when comparing ebike policies to find the coverage that is right for you:

  • Theft
  • Accidents and vandalism
  • Third-party liability insurance
  • Replacement cycle hire
  • Cycle rescue
  • Personnel accident
  • Other riders cover
  • Cover for accessories



Tips to prevent your electric bike from theft

Bike thefts reported to BikeRegister rose by 48% in June, compared to last year, so here are some tips to prevent your electric bike from being stolen in the first place:

  • Register your bike online
  • Invest in a high-quality lock
  • Protect your bike with an ImmobiTag identification chip
  • Store your bike in a secure location covered by CCTV
  • Unlock and remove your battery when you lock it up
  • Secure your bike in a different location every day
  • Don’t leave it parked in public for long periods of time
  • Failing to protect your bike adequately can also result in your insurance protection being invalidated.


The cost of specialised electric bike insurance is generally affordable but will vary depending on your policy and the add-ons that your policy offers to increase your coverage. Being on the safe side is always best as the damages you may be responsible for in the case of an accident can be significant.



Find more information about our UK theft and damage insurance packages here



London to celebrate World Car Free Day 2020 on Sunday 20 September

Rediscover central London and celebrate the return of World Car Free Day 2020 on Sunday 20 September. The event is a great way to raise public awareness of the need to tackle harmful car emissions and offers a unique chance to cycle through the city – 17 miles of London’s streets will go car-free for one day.


As part of his plan to tackle London’s toxic air, the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan renewed this initiative for the second time to encourage Londoners to use their car less, help improve air pollution and reduce car emissions. The Mayor of London has a target of 80% of all journeys in London to be made by sustainable modes of transport by 2041, compared to 63 per cent today.


Said Khan: “I’m determined to make this year’s event even bigger and better.”


Last year, 27 of the 32 boroughs took part in London’s Car Free Day and activities were held around Tower Bridge, London Bridge and the City of London. After the event, 65% of the Londoners surveyed said that Car Free Day events inspired them to use a car less



London goes ‘car-free’ on 20 September to ensure the events are inclusive and accessible to people of all ages and abilities, helping boost the number of Londoners who are able to take part, although World Car Free Day itself is on 22 September.


A complete list of what roads will be closed can be found here: London Car Free Day Events


Click here to learn more and debate ways to accelerate the transition to traffic-free city centres in London & around the world.






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