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Month: August 2018

New FREE accessories for the FuroSystems FX folding ebike and the SIERRA mountain ebike with each order!

In the middle of this warm and beautiful European summer, we have a few surprises to announce. First of all, we would like to highlight the fact that you are our main focus, providing you with the highest levels of satisfaction and happiness through our bikes and the value they add to your daily lives is, and will always be, our number ONE objective.Over the last few months we have been developing accessories for the SIERRA and the FX. A complete set of fenders for the SIERRA, able to withstand the toughest of environments and conditions, and a complete set of fenders, a rear luggage carrier and a kickstand for the FX to make sure that your commute and city journeys are as smooth and convenient as they could be, while not impeding on the folding process and storage space. The thing is though, unlike most of the other guys out there, we are going to offer these to you with all new bikes orders for free, because we believe they are part of your FuroSystems ebike experience.

FuroSystems FX Folding Electric Bike with Accessories

Although we are accelerating our production rates considerably, more and more of you are getting in touch to get your hands on a FX or a SIERRA. The faster you order, the earlier we can guarantee you will receive your ebike. We will strive to continuously accelerate our factory output while never compromising on quality or performance, you can be sure of that!

FuroSystems SIERRA Electric Mountain Bike with Accessories

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