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A High performance scooter that you'll want to keep for yourself.
We developed the FUZE to offer a world class riding experience. It combines immense power, impressive range, outstanding comfort and a premium, aerospace-grade alloy, body.

"Think of this as the super car of e-scooters."

"Boasting enormous power and spring suspension on both the front and rear wheels, the Fuze is the most versatile electric scooter we’ve tested."

"You won’t mistake this one for a toy."


FuroSystems FUZE Best Electric Scooter
  • Charger
  • 2 year warranty
  • Toolkit
  • Choose your FUZE

    FUZE 8.8Ah 422Wh 40km Lithium-ion
    FUZE MAX 12Ah 576Wh 55km Lithium-ion

    + Free Front and Rear Mudguards
    + Free Kickstand
    + Free Complete Lighting Kit
    + Free Horn
    + Free Wireless Key Set


    or €124/month for 6 months


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    the FUZE

    We designed the FUZE to take you away whenever you want, wherever you want, in absolute comfort.

    How? With a lot of energy, contained in high density lithium-ion batteries, harnessed by a powerful 800W motor. Double front and rear suspension to smooth out rougher of terrains. Dual disk brakes for safe and precise control. Aerospace grade alloys assembled in a 19kgs foldable machine for strength and portability.

    Discover the FUZE, your magic carpet.

    Click and drag to rotate. Scroll to zoom. Click the "-" red button to fold. Click AR to see it in real life.

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    Real Power.
    The Fuze is equipped with a state-of-the-art Brushless DC Motor integrated within its back wheel. It delivers over 750W of power. This means a top speed of more than 40km/h. No hill is too difficult to climb for this powerful electric scooter. Power and top speed can be adjusted to comply with local regulations.
    Big Battery. Big Range.
    We use the best Lithium-ion cells, currently available to assemble a world-class battery. The Fuze offers over 422Wh and the Fuze MAX offers 576Wh of energy while fitting inside the deck of the Fuze. This translates to over 40km or 55km of range at an average pace.
    True Comfort.
    The Fuze electric scooter was designed to feel like a super-powered cloud. It is equipped with double rear and front mechanical suspensions as well as inflatable pneumatic 10" tyres. It doesn't get any smoother than this.
    Wireless Key Set & Anti-theft Alarm
    The Fuze is not a toy. It is a true high-end, next-gen, lightweight, electric scooter. Its key set allows you to power it on, lock, unlock and activate an anti-theft/location alarm at a distance.
    Foldable Handlebars & Intuitive Computer
    The Fuze is equipped with foldable handlebars for optimal storage and transport. Its computer offers 3 ride levels from Eco to Sport and comes with an intuitive dashboard and throttle. Its 5V USB port allows to charge your electronics. A true pleasure to ride.


    Max Power750W - Can be adjusted to comply with local regulations
    Top SpeedOver 40km/h - Can be adjusted to comply with local regulations
    Standard/MAX RangeMore than 40km/55km per Charge at Average Pace
    Standard/MAX Charge Time5.5hrs
    Riding ModesEco, Cruise and Sport
    LightsIntegrated LED headlight, Deck Lights, and Rear Brake Light
    BrakingElectronic Regenerative Braking & Mechanical Disk brakes
    Weight Limit150kgs
    Wheels10" Pneumatic Tires
    SuspensionsDouble Front and Rear Mechanical (Spring)
    FoldingFolding Steertube and Handlebars
    Standard/MAX BatteryIntegrated 48V 8.8Ah 422Wh / 48V 12Ah 576Wh
    DimensionsLength: 115cm, height: 116cm (unfolded) & 41.5cm (folded), width: 23.5cm (folded handlebars) & 56cm (unfolded handlebars)
    ReadoutsDistance Traveled, Current Velocity, Battery Autonomy, Power Mode
    MaterialsAerospace Grade Aluminium and Reinforced Polymers
    AccessoriesIntegrated 5V USB Charging Port, Front and Rear Fenders, Kickstand, Wireless Key Set, Horn
    Road LegalLegislation regarding this type of product varies depending on the region it is used in. Please check your local laws and regulations. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the FUZE is used according to your country and local laws. The customer assumes all liability and risk associated with the use of the FUZE and holds FUROSYSTEMS Ltd and its owners free from any liability caused by their operation.
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