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2nd Batch Live Delivery Status

Our first batch of pre-orders was delayed by a few weeks due to the adaptation of new, more powerful components to the FUZE. These improvements have been achieved thanks to a particularly high volume of orders and an improvement in the technologies used in our plant. The manufacturing of the first batch is now complete and itt is now in transit towards our warehouse for final dispatch. We are working hard to minimize this delay on our second batch and to recover some of the time accumulated on the first batch. As such, this page will help you track our progress and provide us with new delivery instructions if necessary.

As these are the first batches of a brand new product, we have chosen to dynamically (economies of scale) maximise value through quality and performance at the price of a few weeks delay. We are particularly confident that the FUZE will offer an outstanding price/performance and quality ratio for one of the best offers on the market. We fully understand if this pre-order phase is not adapted to everyone's needs and brings a certain level of inconvenience. Therefore you are free to contact us at any time for an immediate refund of your purchase.

We thank you for your support and confidence in our mission! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us here.

FuroSystems Factory

Manufacturing Complete.


Arrived at Port.






Received at Warehouse. UPS Dispatch in progress. Scooters will be shipped with respect to date of order. UPS tracking number will be updated automatically as soon as their depot forwards it to us. Thank you again for your patience!

Please let us know here if you have planned to be away soon and would like your scooter to be shipped after a certain date:

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