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Live Delivery Status

Our goal with the FUZE is to bring to your door a truly high performance scooter at an affordable price. Towards this goal, once realizing economies of scale thanks to factory upgrades and a significant amount of orders, we decided to increase the power of the FUZE to 750W from 600W and its battery capacity from 315Wh to 422Wh without any increase in price. This translates to better acceleration and climbing as well as a higher top speed at full charge and 50% more range.

However, we underestimated some of the issues and delays we would encounter in ordering, manufacturing and retrofitting these new components to the FUZE. Similarly, this being our first batch and in order to ensure that all scooters are of impeccable quality we changed some of the industrial finition as we built them. Consequently, we are currently delayed by about 3 weeks and expect to deliver around the end June (updated). We would like to sincerely offer our apologies for this unforeseen delay and are truly working our hardest to reduce it as much as possible. We also want to reduce any potential inconvenience as much as possible, therefore, the form at the end of this page will allow you to notify us of new delivery instructions or cancellations shall these delays be too much for you.

This page was created in a matter of transparency and optimal communication and will be updated live as this FUZE batch progresses.

FuroSystems Fuze Before Departure
FUZE Packed Before Departure
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Arrived at Port.




Customs Cleared.


In transit to warehouse and sorting for dispatch. UPS tacking numbers will be sent over the next few days according to delivery instructions. For the updated FUZE user manuals: https://www.furosystems.com/owners-manuals/. For the online range calculator: https://www.furosystems.com/battery-range-calculator/.

Please let us know here if you have planned to be away soon and would like your scooter to be shipped after a certain date:

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