When you buy a FuroSystems eBike, we enter a contract that binds us into making sure you are always happy with your ride. Always.

If you have a question that is not covered in our FAQ, please contact us.

Is there a warranty?

The FX and the SIERRA are built to the highest standard. Our factory uses state-of-the-art machinery and processes and our quality control team constantly checks each product on our line for the smallest details. We offer a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty with all our ebikes. We cover any part that breaks or goes defective unless it is due to normal wear and tear, rider damage or misuse. We will ship replacements parts for free in this case. For any claims, please contact our technical support center. We will get back to you within 24hrs.

Where can FuroSystems bikes be serviced?

Despite their very unique frames, the FX and the SIERRA are designed to be easy to maintain, exactly like normal bikes. Any local bike shop will have everything needed to make changes and replace parts on your ebike. We provide documentation and videos to ensure quality work.

How do I get replacement parts?

You can currently get any replacement part by contacting our technical support center. We are also working hard to add these to our online shop and get parts to you in the most efficient way possible.

Will the bikes I receive be exactly like the ones pictured?

Yes and probably even better! We might make a few changes and improve certain details but rest assured that we will only make such modifications if it makes your bikes better.

Are there multiple colors available?

For now the only colors available are the ones available on our website. This is to focus all our design and manufacturing efforts on other essential components and bring to you bikes with the highest production quality possible.

Are test rides possible?

Yes, we now offer test rides in London. Just contact us and we will arrange it on one of our demo bikes.

What range can you get from the standard SIERRA Battery?

The SIERRA’s standard 10.4Ah battery is made with high performance, extremely reliable and cost efficient SAMSUNG cells. It will get you more than 55km of pedal assist range.

What range can you get from the SIERRA MAX Battery?

We use the most energy dense battery cells on the market to make our upgraded batteries. This allowed us to pack more than 500Wh in a compact battery that still perfectly fits into the SIERRA’s frame. This capacity combined with our very efficient BOFEILI mid-motor and the SIERRA’s 18 Shimano gears, will get you more than 75km of pedal assist range.

What range can you get from the standard FX Battery?

The FX’s standard 8.7Ah battery is assembled with high performance, reliable and cost efficient SAMSUNG cells. It will get you more than 45km of pedal assist range.

Can I upgrade my standard FX or SIERRA to a FX MAX or SIERRA MAX?

Yes, we provide upgraded batteries for both bikes. Thanks to the latest LG cells, they pack more energy with the same weight and dimensions than their standard version and will perfectly fit in your bike.

What height do I need to be to enjoy FuroSystems ebikes?

We’ve tested both the FX and the SIERRA with riders from 160cm to 192cm and they all had a great time!

How heavy is the FX?

The FX is one of the lightest electric bikes in the world, if not the lightest. Its fully equipped weight is 15kgs.

How heavy is the SIERRA?

The SIERRA is one of the lightest electric mountain bikes in the world. Its fully equipped weight is slightly below 20kgs.

How do you charge the battery and how long does it take?

The FX’s battery can be charged either on or off the bike. With our standard 2A charger, the 8.7Ah takes around 4.5hrs to fully charge while the 10.5Ah battery takes roughly 5.5hrs. Our fast 5A charger will charge the 8.7Ah battery in less than 2hrs and the 10.5Ah battery in less than 2.5hrs.

The SIERRA’s battery charging port can only be accessed by removing the battery compartment’s cover, this is for obvious safety and battery protection reasons. It can then either be removed or left on the bike to be charged. With our standard 2A charger, the 10.4Ah takes around 5.5hrs to fully charge while the 14Ah MAX battery takes approximately 7hrs. Our fast 5A charger will charge the 10.4Ah battery in 2.5hrs and the 14Ah battery in about 3hrs.

Note that using the fast charger will reduce the cycle life of your batteries.

Will the charger work with 120V and 220V outlets around the world?

Yes, our chargers are rated 100-240V. They work in every country.

How much maintenance do the motors of the FX and the SIERRA require?

The FX’s BAFANG rear motor and the SIERRA’s BOFEILI mid-motor are brushless DC motors which fundamentally require very low maintenance. Add to that the fact that their manufacturers have been making them for years, testing them over hundreds of thousands of kilometres, they require no specific maintenance but a bit of attention. Replacing them through your local shop or at home with our documentation will be quick and easy.

What happens if I get a Puncture?

Changing the tires of the SIERRA is as easy as changing those on a normal bike.

The FX’s front wheel is standard as well, however the back wheel will require a bit more attention as to not damage the cables of the hub motor. However, with care it is as straightforward as any bicycle wheel.

Can I remove the wheels of my bike?

Yes, the wheels of the SIERRA and the FX can be easily removed with the tools that we provide with your bike. However, the FX’s back wheel will have to be kept close to the bike in order not to damage the BAFANG hub motor’s power cables.

Can you charge the bike by pedalling to increase range?

No. To explain why, let’s look quickly at the physics of it.

If you still want to move while recharging and not just pedal in the air like on an indoor spinning bike, some of your pedalling power will go to moving the wheels on the ground while another part will go to recharging the battery through the motor which becomes a generator. In that case, pedalling is firstly much harder than if you just were pedalling to go somewhere because a big chunk of the power you apply on the wheels goes to the battery. Even worse, due to the laws of thermodynamics, only 80% of the power diverted to the battery is actually converted to electricity. This means that if you had applied that power towards cycling in the first place you would have gotten home much faster and more easily. In the end, it just makes much more sense to use your pedalling for moving than for charging when  on a light vehicle like an electric bicycle! However, it’s a whole different story with a car.

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