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We are obsessed with your satisfaction, it is what drives us and the creation of our products. You can count on us to always have your back.

If you have a question that is not covered in our FAQ, please contact us.

Is there a warranty?

Our vehicles are built to the highest standard. Our factories use state-of-the-art machinery and processes and our quality control team constantly checks each product on our line for the smallest details. We offer a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty with all our products. We cover any part that breaks or goes defective unless it is due to normal wear and tear, rider damage or misuse. For any claims, please contact our technical support center. We will get back to you within 24hrs.

Where can FuroSystems bikes be serviced?

Despite their uniques frames and components, our electric vehicles are designed to be easy to maintain, with as much standardization as possible. Any local bike shop will have everything needed to make changes and replace parts on your ebike or escooters. We provide documentation and videos to ensure quality work and will cover labour cost when under warranty. In cases where local cycle shops or retailers cannot be reached easily, the products can be sent to our workshop in London to be fixed by our engineers and sent back to you.

How do I get replacement parts?

You can currently get any replacement part by contacting our technical support center.

Will the bikes and scooters I receive be exactly like the ones pictured?

Yes and probably even better! We might make a few changes and improve certain details but rest assured that we will only make such modifications if it improves the performance and feel of your product.

Are there multiple colors available?

For now the only colors available are the ones presented on our website. This is to focus all our design and manufacturing efforts on other essential components and bring to you bikes with the highest production quality and performance possible.

Are test rides possible?

Yes, we now offer test rides in many locations which you can find and contact here.

How can I know the range I will get from my electric bike or scooter?

The range you can obtain from your product depends on many factors including: weight, height, battery energy capacity in Wh or both the Voltage and Ah of the battery, driving style, power consumption, external temperature, etc.

Taking into account the complexity of this estimate, we have created an online calculator which will work for any vehicle at full assist and on a flat road with few accelerations and decelerations: use it here.

Can I upgrade the battery on my electric bike or scooter?

This will depend on your product, please get in touch with our support team for more information. Currently, upgraded batteries are available for purchase on all our products equipped with removable batteries.

What height do I need to be to enjoy FuroSystems electric vehicles?

Our products can comfortably accommodate riders ranging from 160cm to 195cm.

How do you charge the battery and how long does it take?

Our removable batteries can be charged on or off their respective vehicles. Our standard chargers have an output of 2A. In order to obtain an estimated charge time of one hour, the Ah capacity of the battery can be divided by 2. Alternatively, all our product pages will figure the respective charge times of our vehicles.

Will the charger work with 120V and 220V outlets around the world?

Yes, our chargers are rated 100-240V. They work in every country.

How much maintenance does an electric motor require?

Brushless DC motors, used by FuroSystems, fundamentally require very low maintenance as they have very few moving parts and low internal friction. Add to that the fact that their manufacturers have been making them for years, testing them over hundreds of thousands of kilometres, they require no specific maintenance but a bit of attention such as avoiding shocks, impacts, corrosive environments, etc. Replacing them through your local shop or at home with our documentation will be quick and easy shall any problem occur.

What happens if I get a puncture?

Changing the tyres on any of our products is as easy as on a normal bike, it requires the same tools and manipulations. Similarly, any local cycle shop will be able to help doing this if required. We also supply tyres and inner tubes for all our products, just get in touch and we will arrange it.

Can I remove the wheels of my bike?

Yes, the front wheel of all our products is easily removable just like a normal bike. Because rear wheels carry the motors and their connectors they require more care so as not to rip or damage any cables but are also removable and plug and play.

Can you charge an ebike by pedalling to increase range?

No. To explain why, let’s look quickly at the physics of it.

If you still want to move while recharging and not just pedal in the air like on an indoor spinning bike, some of your pedalling power will go to moving the wheels on the ground while another part will go to recharging the battery through the motor which becomes a generator. In that case, pedalling is firstly much harder than if you just were pedalling to go somewhere because a big chunk of the power you apply on the wheels goes to the battery. Even worse, due to the laws of thermodynamics, only 80% of the power diverted to the battery is actually converted to electricity. This means that if you had applied that power towards cycling in the first place you would have gotten home much faster and more easily. In the end, it just makes much more sense to use your pedalling for moving than for charging when  on a light vehicle like an electric bicycle! However, it’s a whole different story with a car.

What is your return policy?

We have a 30-day return policy. As long as the Products remain undamaged and in good condition, they can be sent back to us for a full refund. Just get in touch with our support team to start the return process.

What type of plug does it come with?

All our products are shipped with an EU adapter and can therefore function both in Europe and the UK straight off the box.

Where do you ship your products?

We ship our products all over Europe for free and to the rest of the world with a fee.

Do you offer finance?

Yes, we do offer finance on our products. We work with Splitit which takes an authorisation on your credit card and progressively reduces it every month as instalments are debited, you can find more information on this process here. This is interest free and can be done directly at checkout in a few clicks.

Can I postpone my delivery?

We are very flexible with delivery time and will always make sure that your order is with you according to your instructions and at your best convenience.

Why didn't I receive a confirmation email after my order?

Sometimes, our messages get redirected to your SPAM, please check that your confirmation has not been filtered there. Otherwise, contact us and we will reissue one to you immediately.

Can I change the seat on my bike?

All our bikes’ seat posts have a standard clamp. And therefore any 3rd party seat can be easily and quickly fitted.

Do your products use a throttle or pedal assist?

All our electric bikes use a pedal assist system with no throttle as per EU law (walk assist up to 6km/h). All our scooters are equipped with throttles.

Do I need a license for the scooter? What is the legal situation?

In the UK, according to the road traffic act, any unassisted powered vehicle with a top speed of more than 6km/h needs to be registered and a licence to be used on public roads or pavements. Electric bikes are the exception as they can be used freely when capped at 250W of continuous power and a pedal assisted top speed of 25km/h. However, as scooters are not pedal assisted, virtually all brands and models on the market cannot be used on public roads without licence and registration currently.

This law is currently being reviewed and multiple countries have already allowed the use of scooters on public roads. Please check your local legislation to verify what rules apply to you.

Can you attach a seat on the Fuze?

A seat cannot be attached to the Fuze electric scooter. We optimised the deck design for comfort and safety. A seat, due to the reduction in mobility actually decreases balance and riding safety.

How much weight can the Fuze take and how steep can it go?

The Fuze was designed for a tested weight limit of 150kgs. The motor is also highly powerful and can take 100kgs at over 15kph on a steep road with an inclination of 15%.

Are your products waterproof? Dust proof?

All our products are rated IP55. This rating essentially demonstrated near complete protection from particles as well as water resistance from water projected by a nozzle. In summary they are completely protected from any condition you can expect under outdoor use, from dust to rain and puddles.

Is the FUZE battery removable?

The battery is not removable and is fixed in the frame. We designed the Fuze this way in order to increase durability and fit a larger battery into a smaller space. The battery can be replaced in case of issue but will need a knowledgeable technician to do so. We do provide additional chargers.

Where can I repair or service my bike or scooter?

Any local cycle shop will be able to repair your ebike or escooter. Alternatively, we can collect, repair and send your product back to you and we will cover these costs and that of any spare parts shall your bike still be under warranty.

Can I use my ebike or scooter without power?

Yes, shall you decide to go full muscle power or in the unlucky event your battery goes flat and it is not possible to recharge it, your scooter or ebike will work as a normal one, they are optimised for this.

Do you sell spare batteries?

We sell spare batteries for all our products, please get in touch directly for more info on pricing.

Can I take my bike or scooter onto a plane?

Any battery with a superior capacity to 99Wh is not allowed to be taken onboard a plane. One of our main focus being range, our batteries offer higher energy capacities than this. However, we are looking at potential designs compatible with flights in the future, get in touch for more info!

Can I purchase my bike through Cycle Scheme?

Yes, we have teamed up with Cycle scheme!  To get started you need to apply for a voucher through your employer. You will be provided with an employee code which will allow you to access our profile through the cycle scheme website https://www.cyclescheme.co.uk/ . You will then be able to select the bike you wish to order and be issued with a voucher. You will need to email us the voucher so that we can claim it through Cycle scheme and place the order for you.

How can I get in touch with the technical support team ?

You can reach our team by email at info@furosystems.com or phone: +44 (0) 203 670 0242. Our lines are open Mon-Fri from 11am-5pm.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay for your order using either a debit card, credit card or PayPal.

You also have the possibility to use your credit card and pay in a maximum of 6 instalments, using Split It as a payment option.

Why can't I use Split It with a debit card?

The SplitIt plan requires a credit card. Splitit authorizes the full amount of your purchase on your credit card, however they only charge you the first instalment upon ordering. Each month, your instalment will be charged to your credit card while decreasing the authorization amount until the full payment is complete. This is interest free and can be done directly at checkout in a few clicks.

How do I change the speed limit on my bike ?

The Furo X‘s top speed is electronically limited to 25kph due to EU legal requirements for the bike to be road legal. Once the FX goes over 25kph, the motor automatically cuts off. This guide will quickly show you how to change the speed limit on the KD21C key-disp display which equips the Furo X.

1 – Switch on the battery and press and hold the mode button to switch on your screen.

2 – Once your screen is on, press and hold both the “+” and “-“ buttons to access the general settings.

3 – Press and hold the “M” and “-“ button to access the system settings

4 – Once in the system settings, tap “M” to scroll through the different settings. The speed limit setting is marked “LS”.

5 – Use the “+” and “-“ to adjust the speed limit which can be seen in the bottom left corner of the screen.

6 – Once you have selected a new setting, press and hold “M” to save and return to the starting screen.

Legal notice: You must comply with your local regulations to ride your e-bike on public roads, increasing the speed limit over 25kph in the EU will make your e-bike illegal to ride on roads without a license and registration. The limit should only be increased over 25kph for off-road use or in the case where your local regulations allow it.

How to pair my remote with my indicators ?

To synchronise your remote with your indicators, you simply need to press down the white button on the light panel until it flashes red, then press either the right or left button on the remote in order to pair both together.

How do I fold and unfold my Fuze?

To unfold your Fuze you simply need to pull the folding pin then lift the handlebar away from the deck until you hear a click. This means that your handlebar is now locked. Adjust the height of the handlebar and you are good to go!

Folding your Fuze is just as simple. First ensure to retract the handlebar then all you have to do is pull the red folding pin to unlock the release lever. For an easy release we recommend to put a foot on the deck and slightly push forward the front stem with one hand and then pull the red folding pin with the other. You should hear a click to secure the folded position of the scooter. You can then carry it around by the handlebar.

What is the top speed for each modes on my scooter ?

The Fuze has 3 levels of assistance that can be adjusted via the onboard computer on the handlebars. Their speed limits are 7mph, 15mph, and 25mph respectively.

How is the Furo X efficient for hills?

The Furo X is perfect for riding in hilly areas. Its 250W motor can peak up to 500W to tackle the demanding terrain and allow you to ride uphill effortlessly. The biggest advantages of the Furo X are its carbon frame and 250-watt motors which add very little weight to the bike, increasing its performance.

How long does the battery of my electric bike last?

The battery life is calculated in charge cycles. With the Furo X, you can expect 500 full charge cycles (from 0 to 100%) before the battery reaches 70% of its original capacity. After this, the decrease in efficiency is linear rather than a sudden drop in performance.

You should avoid charging your battery to 100% and only fully charge it every 10 to 15 charge cycles and not fully discharge it all the time. It is recommended to keep the charge level between 30% and 80% of its capacity.

What are the best pannier bags to fit securely on the rear rack?

Any third-party pannier bag will fit the bike as long as it has an adjustable attachment system at the bottom of the bag using ties or Velcro straps so it can fit on the top of the pannier or alternatively a bag with adjustable hooks or clamps can fit it on the side pannier rack.

What does the free lighting kit includes ?

Our free lighting kit will include the front light, the front and rear reflectors as well as wheel and pedal reflectors, plus the rear indicators.

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