Outlet units now available

High performance ultra light EVs enhancing your business, supporting your team.
Our eBikes are freedom.

From going anywhere effortlessly to riding a perfectly normal bicycle on demand, they offer their rider elegant health and convenience. Make them yours and and your teams.
Bring peace to our streets, make our air cleaner and journeys faster.

eBikes and escooters take away fuel and parking spaces bringing forth considerable savings at the personal and business level. Make the most of government subsidies, extinguish fuelling costs and buy everyone a lot of extra time.
We seek and create partnerships, for better businesses, for a better world.

From pricing to branding through delivery logistics, our solutions are customized to fit your requirements. Get in touch and we will advise on the best product combination, at the best pricing, with the best look, your look.
Let’s go!
Our products come with our full support, they are covered by 2 year warranties, we service and can deliver in multiple locations or dedicated logistics centers. Road side assistance, theft and damage insurance are also available.

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