"The entry-level Aventa Pure is a lot of bike for the price"

"The eye-catching FuroSystems Aventa e-bike blends performance with plenty of style"

"We're impressed by how premium the Aventa looks and feels"

An ultra-light aerospace grade aluminium alloy 6061 frame designed for strength, elegance and reliability. An unstoppable smart power system, tested through hundreds of thousands of kilometres, with surprising range, power, hill climb ability and robustness, yet incredibly smooth and completely silent. High end hydraulic and mechanical components, control electronics and lighting features. Discover a great ebike and a great bike.

Discover the Aventa.
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  • Charger
  • 2 year warranty
  • Easy assembly toolkit
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    Aventa PURE 281Wh 30km - 70km
    Tektro Mechanical Disk Brakes
    Mini Smart LCD display
    Aventa 375Wh 50km - 90km
    Tektro Hydraulic Disk Brakes
    Wide Smart LCD display
    Aventa MAX 504Wh 70km - 110km
    Tektro Hydraulic Disk Brakes
    Wide Smart LCD display
    + Free Front and Rear Mudguards
    + Free Rear Luggage Carrier
    + Free Kickstand
    + Free Complete Lighting Kit


    or £233/month for 6 months

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    Imagine a vehicle so light you barely feel it under you. With automated power boosts that dominate any hill. Carrying enough energy to transport you days on end. So seamless and accurate, its power, control, balance and pricing will surprise you.

    When life gives you commutes and busy cities, this vehicle gives you fun.

    Fully Integrated and Ultra-light

    The Aventa's 6061 aerospace alloy frame integrates its lighting system, high performance control electronics and removable battery while remaining below 17kg. We made your ride elegant, fun and safe, day and night, with incredible, yet smooth, power no street will ever beat.
    Turn on the Aventa's lightSwitch to night
    Turn off the Aventa's lightSwitch to day

    Impressive Range & Removable

    We use state-of-the-art lithium-ion technology to assemble easily removable batteries with the highest energy density currently achievable. This means a 2.5kg removable battery that you can rely on for over 110km and which fits seamlessly in the Aventa's frame.

    High Power Smart Motor

    Tested overs hundreds of thousands of km, the completely silent Aventa's rear hub motor is equipped with our boost technology. It provides up to 500W of power during acceleration and hill climbs. This allows the Aventa to take you anywhere smoothly while delivering one of the best riding experiences on the market.

    A Great eBike and a Great Bike

    The Aventa's powertrain high performance clutch allows frictionless free-wheeling by mechanically disengaging the motor when power is deactivated. Coupled to its 9 Shimano gears, it offers an extremely easy ride both when power is on or off. Unlike most ebikes, the Aventa is also a great bike. Its gears and low friction motor give you the comfort and freedom you need to enjoy a sporty ride anywhere, anytime.

    Full Control

    The Aventa is equipped with hydraulic disk brakes* for the best and most precise stopping control. A smart, data rich, LCD screen* provides you with full control and knowledge of your every moves. Switch between 6 power modes at the push of a button and enjoy a fantastic ride when fully powered or unpowered.

    *Aventa Pure is equipped with high quality mechanical disk brakes and a smaller LCD dashboard
    FuroSystems Aventa Dashboard

    Absolute Comfort

    The Aventa's dimensions are optimised for human biomechanics. Its seating position is comfortable and leads to a low center of gravity for balance and manoeuvrability.
    FuroSystems Aventa's Dimensions


    MODELAventa PUREAventaAventa MAX
    MotorBAFANG Rear Hub MotorBAFANG Rear Hub MotorBAFANG Rear Hub Motor
    Nominal/Boost Power250W/500W250W/500W250W/500W
    Pedal Assist Top Speed25km/h (can be modified via computer to comply with local regulations)25km/h (can be modified via computer to comply with local regulations)25km/h (can be modified via computer to comply with local regulations)
    Battery TypeLithium-Ion SamsungLithium-Ion SamsungLithium-Ion Samsung
    Battery Specs36v 7.8Ah 281Wh36v 10.4Ah 375Wh36v 14Ah 504Wh
    Range30km (Full Power) - 70km (Eco)50km (Full Power) - 90km (Eco)70km (Full Power) - 110km (Eco)
    Charge Time4.5hrs5.5hrs7hrs
    DisplayMini Smart LCDWide Smart LCDWide Smart LCD
    Pedal Assist6 Levels6 Levels6 Levels
    FrameIntegrated Aluminium Alloy 6061Integrated Aluminium Alloy 6061Integrated Aluminium Alloy 6061
    Rear derailleurShimano Altus 9 speedsShimano Altus 9 speedsShimano Altus 9 speeds
    BrakesTektro Mechanical Disk BrakesTektro HD-E290 Hydraulic Disk BrakesTektro HD-E290 Hydraulic Disk Brakes
    TiresKenda K193/700*32CKenda K193/700*32CKenda K193/700*32C
    Total Approximate Weight Fully Equipped16.5kg16.5kg16.5kg
    Maximum Recommended Rider Weight120kg120kg120kg
    Rider Height165cm - 195cm/5'4 - 6'4165cm - 195cm/5'4 - 6'4165cm - 195cm/5'4 - 6'4
    Road LegalWorldwideWorldwideWorldwide
    Available Accessories
    Front and rear mudguards, kickstand, rear luggage carrier and complete lighting kit
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