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About Us

We are freedom engineers. In a world where congested and polluted urban environments constrain you, we strive to use the state-of-the-art in modern technologies, inspired from aerospace and automotive developments, to create vehicles that liberate you. True, ultra-light, extensions of yourselves which take you anywhere, further and faster than you would expect, in total comfort and elegance.

Our Story

FuroSystems is the dream of Eliott Wertheimer, an advanced space systems engineer and Albert Nassar, a deep tech roboticist. While designing miniaturised nuclear batteries and automated drone platforms, they realised that commercial technology was now mature enough to create vehicles that could combine range, power and speed while remaining lighter, more compact and elegant than ever before. They began the development of our first products with performance and affordability as their main focus.
Launch of the Furo X, the first carbon folding electric bike and one of the lightest ebikes in the world with no compromise on style and performance.
Launch of the Fuze, our affordable high performance electric scooter.
Launch of the Aventa, our version of the ultimate urban electric bike, ultra light, slick and high performance.
Your satisfaction is our passion and our ultimate goal is to give you back your freedom in the cleanest way possible through beautiful, ultra functional and affordable high performance electric vehicles. We assembled a team of world class engineers, designers and customer specialists to keep offering you the best. Stay tuned, for a lot of exciting things to come!

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