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Extend your Reach. Power. Great Range. Ultra Light.


Ultra High Performance Electric Scooter


eTura - The Lightest Folding eBike in the World

One of the Lightest and Most Compact Electric Folding Bikes

Furo X

FuroSystems Furo X Folding Carbon Electric Bicycle

The Ultimate Electric Folding Bike


High Performance Carbon Electric Mountain Bike

Your satisfaction is our passion.
While our world class engineers design the ultimate products, at the best prices, our support team is always there for you, wherever you are.

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Furo X

The Ultimate Folding Electric Bike

Foldable in seconds. 15kgs. We are taking cycling to its true potential. Reinvent your commute.

$2839 $2399


Lightest Folding Electric Bicycle in the World

One of the World's Lightest and Most Compact Folding Electric Bicycle

12kgs. Ultra compact. A condensate of power, range and fun.

$2549 $1879



a High Performance Folding Electric Scooter

750W of power. Top speed of 40km/h plus. Over 40km range. Front and rear dual suspension. Experience a world class riding experience.

$1129 $849



Fully Integrated Full Carbon Electric Mountain Bicycle

Powerful mid-motor. 18 Shimano gears. Great range. Light. The best ride out there.



Your satisfaction is our passion.
While our world class engineers design the ultimate products, at the best prices, our support team is always there for you, wherever you are.

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A light electric bicycle or scooter is more agile, more functional, easier to handle at home or in town, it is truly an extension of the rider.

Being able to glide wherever you go and store your vehicle under your desk or in a cupboard is life changing.

It is one of our main focus at FuroSystems and achieved by merging aerospace grade carbon fibre composites and aluminium alloys with clever and ultra durable designs.

Power is freedom. It takes you wherever you want, as fast you want. Our optimised control electronics and high-tech powertrains render climbing high gradient hills or reaching top speed timeless and effortless.

Our ebikes and escooters can more than double their power when sensing a climb or acceleration, optimising your energy consumption while making sure nothing can stop you.

FuroSystems Electric Motor Technol
FuroSystems eBike Lithium-ion Battery

We manufacture our lithium-ion batteries with the best chemistry available on the market from suppliers such as LG and SAMSUNG.

Our batteries are designed to be compact, light, energy dense and ultra functional.

They are made for you to count on them longer than you would expect.

What we do, we do for our society, for our world and for the ultimate ride.

Whether it is folding or urban electric bicycles or high performance electric scooters, every engineering design step is carefully thought about at the system level. We emphasize breath taking performance and riding comfort through state-of-the-art shock absorption, surface finishes, rider positioning, power electronics and much more.

Eventually, your satisfaction with your FuroSystems eBike or eScooter is our top priority, we guarantee the most fun you have ever had and world class support by world class engineers!


Our mission is to accelerate society's transition to electric means of transportation through the creation of aesthetic, high performance and affordable electric vehicles.

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FuroSystems was founded by two aerospace engineers. They wanted to apply some of the advanced technologies used in space systems and advanced robotics to mobility.

Our products are designed through precise and efficient engineering processes and manufactured with the utmost attention to detail.

Lightness. Power. Range. Pleasure.

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